Pinsa Pizza Friday

Every Friday at Pellicano Vineyard. 

The legend of pinsa

In the days of ancient rome, there was a recipe called pinsa that was so revered that it is said that even the gods craved it. pellicano vineyard pinsa, meaning “to press”, are made exclusively by hand in rome, italy, using a special blend of rice, soy, sourdough, and “0” flours. this recipe, combined with high hydration, is more easily digestable and gluten friendly with its 2/3 less gluten than traditional dough, no sugar, and no saturated fats.

Pellicano Vineyard pinsa pizza recipes are inspired by the pinsa that we have enjoyed during our grape buying trips to rome and to tuscany. served six pieces per pizza, enough for at least two. please enjoy this roman delight here at pellicano vineyard, located in hamburg, new york!!!


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