3 Bottles of Wine

Choose 3 bottles from the selection below:

  • Pellicano Vineyard BUBBLY

    The Vineyard’s version of a “champagne”

    $21.00 each
  • 2017 Pellicano Vineyard CHARDONNAY

    Western Cape S.Africa: Proprietor’s Reserve

    $18.00 each
  • Pellicano Vineyard SWEET RIESLING

    New York: Elegantly sweet & crisp, perfectly balanced, wildly popular

    $27.00 each
  • Pellicano Vineyard SEMI DRY RIESLING

    New York: Balanced, fruit forward, crisp and clean

    $27.00 each
  • Pellicano Vineyard DRY RIESLING

    New York: NEW Beautifully balanced, crisp,vibrantly citrus

    $27.00 each
  • 2018 Pellicano Vineyard SAUVIGNON BLANC

    Central Coast: Notes of pineapple, bright clean acidity

    $27.00 each
  • Pellicano Vineyard SWEET RED WINE

    New York: Really drinkable sweet red, soft, mellow grape notes

    $19.00 each
  • 2020 Pellicano Vineyard PINOT NOIR

    New York: Reserve Our 2nd Vintage of this outstanding reserve

    $27.00 each
  • 2019 Pellicano Vineyard ROSE’

    Central Coast California: Hints of strawberry, raspberry, crisp start, juicy finish

    $19.00 each
  • 2019 Pellicano Vineyard CABERNET SAUVIGNON

    Central Coast California: Probably the best vintage of this popular wine. Our 3rd vintage year of production

    $30.00 each
  • 2017 Pellicano Vineyard MERLOT

    California: Full bodied, bold, quick, bright fruit start, then silky but aggressive

    $27.00 each